Macrame cords

Macrame cords

The material from which we make jewelry is always its basis. A good craftsman cares about the quality of the product, therefore he reaches for the best semi-finished products. We present macrame strings that will allow you to create unforgettable creations. They are suitable for making jewelry, home decorations and anything you want.

History of macrame

Macrame is an art known since ancient times. It only uses the artist's manual skills, without reaching for needles, knitting needles or crochet hooks. The macrame came to Europe from ancient Assyria and Babylonia and stayed longer. In the Middle Ages, it was often used as an ornament of the richest and most eminent garments. Later, sofas, armchairs and bed covers began to be decorated in this way. With the Middle Ages, the fashion for macrame has passed. It was forgotten until the 1970s. Currently, every technique of making ornaments will find its fans, including macrame. So it looks like it will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Macrame in jewelry

Initially, the macrame did not have a jewelery function. However, with the global development of creativity, techniques began to be combined and used contrary to their original purpose. Macrame is the perfect companion for all kinds of stones or jewelery made with the soutache technique. Macrame cords can be intertwined with any elements, thanks to which you will create amazing projects! Macrame is also a great starting idea for people who do not want to build a workshop and buy many tools and products. It is a technique almost created for people looking for their place in the world of creating beautiful things.

Macrame cords on offer from manzuko

The macrame cords we present are soft and pleasant to the touch, and at the same time durable. They are perfect for creating small projects such as jewelry, but also larger ones, such as wall decorations. A wide range of colors will allow you to fulfill your wildest fantasies. What's more, the high quality of our products will make macramé creation even more enjoyable!