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Jewelery cords

Jewelery cords are a wide range of products, made of various materials in various thicknesses and, therefore, intended for many applications. Paracords, or survival cords, are nylon lines in a colorful braid. They look aesthetically, they are strong, and thanks to the wide range of colors they are used in jewelery for women and men. Strings for bracelets, the so-called braids are very durable strings, despite their small thickness. They do not lose their colors during long-term and intensive use. Jewelery cords that you will find in this category are semi-finished products ideal for beginner craftsmen as well as for hand-made veterans. It is also one of the massively used products, thanks to which we know almost everything about them.

Strings - multifunctional semi-finished products for everyone

A string is probably one of the most universal blanks. Strings for bracelets, or more broadly - strings for jewelry, are often in demand. But what is behind such a broad concept? Jewelry cords have many uses, we can use them to create jewelry, recycle clothes or create decorations. These are novice-friendly blanks, they are even suitable for children. What's more, in the hands of skilled artists they can turn into real miracles.

How to buy strings?

Strings for one of the cheaper types of handicraft semi-finished products, making it easier not to lose a lot of money at the beginning of your handicraft journey. Strings by the meter are available for sale, making it easy to control the amount of product needed and the money spent on it. For fans of buying large quantities and making purchases rarely - spool strings are a better offer.

When choosing a string, not only its color is important, but also the material from which it is made. Some strings melt easily, others are extremely soft to the touch. Depending on the purpose of the string, the material from which it is made should be selected. However, the most important thing is to pay attention to the thickness of the jewelry strings. If we want to use them to thread beads, circles or spacers, we must be sure that the hole in the blank is large enough for our string.

Jewelery cords on offer from

In our store you will find a whole range of handicraft strings. The careful selection of colors in our offer makes our strings appeal to the tastes of both women and men. What's more, we present a variety of materials from which the strings are made. You will successfully find nylon, cotton, polyester and natural strings here. Thanks to this, regardless of whether you are a fan of macrame or survival adventures, you will surely find the string that is right for you.

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