Single weaves

Single weeds are the largest category of weeds on our website. You will find them in many colors, sizes and finishes. Moreover, this group includes viscose, nylon, cotton and suede tassels. Among the single tassels you will find classic tassels - tied with a string, but also finished with an assembly ring, ferrule or a crochet cap. Regardless of whether you start your adventure with the use of tassels or have known them for a long time, single tassels are an unchanging classic that everyone returns to.

Single slings on offer from

In each of the subcategories of single weeds you will find a wealth of colors. All our tassels are made with the utmost attention to detail and high quality of our product. They are suitable for earrings, bracelets and necklaces as well as for non-jewelry DIY projects.

Micro weeds

Absolutely adorable tiny tassels are a great addition to bracelets and light dangling earrings. They are made of cotton and gathered with a metal ring. In addition, a mounting ring in the color of the ring has been attached, thanks to which these miniature tassels are extremely easy to use.

Classic tassels

Classic tassels in our offer are made of nylon, viscose and cotton threads. They come in many colors and sizes, so that you can easily find the perfect match to your needs. They can be mounted with mounting circles, as well as glued into the frames.

Weaves with a crochet hat

Extremely refined tassels with a crochet finish are a proposal for people who love attention to the smallest details. The whole tassel is made of viscose with an even weave ensuring an elegant look. The head is made on a wooden base and is surrounded by a crochet ornament. There is a hole in the base that allows you to easily thread the tassel on a wire, line or pin.

Braided knots

These long decorative tassels are suitable for the creation of dangling earrings, necklaces, as well as key rings and ornaments for purses. Their weaved head makes them look very special. At the tip of the plaited tassels there is a braided eyelet for easy assembly. The viscose used for their production is shiny and durable, which additionally emphasizes the elegance of braided tassels.

Weed ombre

These are single tassels that are the most trendy. Our ombre tassels have beautiful color gradients on the viscose threads. They are finished with a string through which we can thread the cap, adding a new character. The string can also simply serve as an end piece for the tassel. Ombre weeds look best in long earrings, however, they will work great in key rings or accessories for handbags.