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They were known as costume decorations as early as the 13th century. They have evolved throughout history, falling into oblivion and returning to the peak of popularity. They have been returning to favor for some time. Also known as kits, tassels or fonts. Smaller ones are successfully used for bracelets, larger, longer ones for earrings or pendants. Bracelets have never been so attractive now. Not only are they adorned with pendants, but also tassels can help. Wings for bracelets are usually smaller, more delicate. The choice of size should be dictated by the size of the bracelet. The material from which the bracelet is made is also important. You can choose suede tassels for thong bracelets, mini version for Seed Beads. Does the material they are made of matters? Boho style enthusiasts or probably appreciates the cotton variety. Here, the colors are rather subdued, the finish is matte and the effect is natural. Viscose weaves have beautiful, long-lasting and juicy colors. They are more difficult to pilling and split. A glossy finish is what jewelry is most often about. In a word - they are more popular. Some of the fringes are already glued into the frames. The remaining ones can be safely mounted on mounting rings or pasted into leather strap tips. Long tassels will successfully decorate not only earrings or pendants, but also bookmarks and keyrings for keys or purses.


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