Fringes in the ferrule

Fringes in fitting is a product of many faces and benefits. First of all, the end of the metal is easier to install. Moreover, the fitting provides an additional decorative element that can provide additional character to your jewelry. Fringes in simple fittings are stricter appearance. Thanks to excellent use in supplements for men or as accessories to handbags and wallets. Fittings are suitable decorated almost oriental influence in jewelry. Chwostach the fitting is also a safety element by untangling tassel and lumps. Span> p>

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Among our Khvostov in fittings sure to find the perfect for you. Most of them are made of viscose, or of synthetic fibers produced from wood cellulose. This material include both natural raw materials, and plastics, due to plant origin, but also a complicated production process. It is a biodegradable material, so be sure to store it in dry conditions. Viscose Fringes are hot melt perfectly retain their intense color, no color and does not discolour. Their major advantage is the long-term preservation of a smooth, elegant appearance. Span> p>

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Another material Khvostov used in the formation of the ferrule is suede. To perform tassel needed is much less than suede strand in the case of viscose. This makes the suede tassels are not so fluffy, but the softness of suede provides them with delicacy. Suede tassels in our offer you will find in many sizes and shapes, both Khvostov and fittings. Span> p>

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fittings our Khvostov are made of a metal alloy allergy. You'll find them in gold, silver and antique bronze. They facilitate mounting tassel to the other elements of your jewelry. Moreover, they constitute a decorative element and prevents against loss of integrity of the material. Our fittings are abrasion resistant, do not rust or tarnish. Span> p>

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