Miyuki Round Rocailles

Miyuki Rocailles

The Rocailles series of Miyuki beads is undoubtedly similar to the iconic Delica. Rocailles beads are also called round Miyuki beads. Here we see the first difference between these tiny beads. Delica beads are more tubular, while Rocailles are more bulky and full. As a result, they reflect light differently, but jewelry made of them also looks a bit different.

Miyuki Rocailles are best suited for making loom-woven jewelry. Their shape allows for the weaving of very complex and twisted patterns. Contrary to Delica beads, they are suitable for weaves with curved lines thanks to their curvature. These are truly excellent beads for soutache designs where cabochons are wrapped around them as well as for jewelry woven on a loom.

Of course, Rocailles are made by a Japanese manufacturer of the best glass beads in the world. Their quality, wide range of colors and finishes is as stunning as other Miyuki beads. It is worth adding, however, that the colors and sizes of Rocailles, even if they appear to be identical to Delica beads in name, are actually different. We don't quite know why this is so, these are the manufacturer's markings that we decided not to change.