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Miyuki beads

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Miyuki beads

We are happy to introduce you to this category of beads. Miyuki is a Japanese company that produces world-famous glass beads. The company was founded in 1949 in Hiroshima and exported products to the USA almost immediately. In 1982, the iconic Delica beads were created, which conquered the world of handicrafts.

How Miyuki Beads are Made

Powders of silica and other materials and pigments are placed in a furnace until molten glass is obtained, which is then blown with compressed air to form a glass tube. This delicate material is then cut into short tubes which are then mixed with the carbon powder. This mixture is heated to 70 ° C so that the tubes turn into round beads. The next step is rinsing, drying and polishing the beads.

The Miyuki beads made in this way are almost ready, most of them go through a process in which special surface finishes are applied to the beads. Ultimately, all the beads are washed, dried, and packaged to go on their long journey ending at your home!

Types of Miyuki beads

Miyuki beads can be divided in two ways, taking into account their shape or finish. The iconic Delica beads are small round beads suitable for everything. Next to them are beads, sometimes called seeds. These are the larger cousins of Delica beads. We cannot forget about the stunning quality of tila beads, which are perfectly even tiles, ready to create unusual designs.

There are almost countless finishing touches to Miyuki beads. There are metallic, shiny, pearl or high-gloss polished beads. The wealth of these shapes, colors and finishes means that the possibilities of the creators are almost endless and allow the ideas to be transferred to reality.

How to use Miyuki beads?

These high-quality Japanese jewelery findings are perfect for any type of jewelry. Their impeccable symmetry and perfect workmanship make them perfect for embroidered, threaded and those projects that combine different techniques. They are also great as spacers.

Interestingly, on the original Miyuki website you will find a program where you can easily turn your favorite photo into a template to create a work from these otherworldly beads! They are suitable not only for jewelry making, but also as a finish on clothes and accessories, and even as a raw material for creating embroidered photos and sculptures!

How are Miyuki beads different from Toho?

Both types of tiny glass beads are extremely popular in the world of jewelry making. The differences between them are relatively small, but noticeable by the most demanding creators. Miyuki beads are slightly more expensive than Toho, however, they are distinguished by better quality and more refined workmanship. If you want to take your jewelry to a higher level of workmanship, we recommend trying Miyuki beads.

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