Glass Beads Fire Polish

is a fire polish Czech beads. Their name comes from the technique, which they are made. The tradition of performing high-quality glass objects derived from the Bohemian region - Bohemia. It is also the name of the production company of world renown glass. Czechs are famous for making crystal glass beads including ground just as the Italians are famous for the production of Venetian glass. Fame is the result of the excellent work of many generations of craftsmen who still refine their techniques, but have a deep respect for traditional methods. P>

Technology Fire Polish h3>

One hundred years ago in Bohemia invented a new way of polishing the glass. Polished Beads looked quite dull and mining splendor of them was difficult and extremely time consuming. It was noted that the faceted glass beads were exposed to fire, took on a beautiful glow. As a result, the glass is not lost during grinding and can be obtained even shine. P>

Beads made technique fire polish the blanks in each light shining. Depending on whether they are opaque or transparent depends on their ability to reflect and scatter the light. Thermal treatment also immunizes the glass cracking or chipping, so that the final product is both beautiful and durable. P>

Our beads fire polish h3>

The entire collection is made with this technique faceted glass beads. We import them from Jablonec, which is the capital of the Czech production of glass beads. The attention to detail, hand made and the gloss of the highest quality is what made that we had to have them in our offer! P>

The glass material is extremely grateful checking in designach timeless and modern arrangements. Thanks to the amazing shine, our beads are suitable both for jewelry evening, and in addition to the output to the club. We offer a range of shapes and colors adapted to your needs. In this category you will find balls, donuts or tears in many colors, which will allow you to incorporate your concept in life and enjoy the beautiful jewelry at an affordable price. P>