Fire Polish glass beads

Fire polish is Czech glass beads. Their name comes from the technique they are performed. The tradition of making high-quality glass items comes from the Bohemian region of Bohemia. It is also the name of a world-renowned glass manufacturing company. The Czechs are famous for the production of crystal glass, including cut beads, just like the Italians are famous for the production of Venetian glass. This fame is the result of the excellent work of many generations of artisans who constantly improve their techniques, but have a deep respect for traditional methods.

Fire Polish technique

More than a hundred years ago, a new method of polishing glass was invented in Bohemia. The cut beads looked quite dull and getting the sparkle out of them was difficult and extremely time consuming. It was noticed that when faceted glass beads were exposed to fire, they took on a beautiful glow. As a result, the glass is not lost during grinding and an even gloss is achieved.

Beads made using the fire polish technique are semi-finished products that shine in every light. Depending on whether they are opaque or transparent, their ability to reflect and diffuse light depends. Thermal treatment additionally makes the glass resistant to cracking or chipping, thanks to which the final product is both beautiful and durable.

Our fire polish beads

The entire collection made with this technique consists of faceted glass beads. We import them from Jabłońec, which is the Czech capital of glass bead production. Attention to detail, hand-made production and the highest quality gloss are something that made us have to have them in our offer!

Glass is an extremely graceful material that works well in timeless designs as well as modern arrangements. Thanks to the amazing shine, our beads are suitable both for evening jewelry and for going out to the club. We offer a selection of shapes and colors tailored to your needs. In this category you will find balls, tears or teardrops in many colors that will allow you to bring your concept to life and enjoy beautiful jewelry at an affordable price.