Balls are perhaps the most popular shape we use to make jewelry. Not only are most beads like that, but also a lot of other semi-finished products have such a spherical shape. We have distinguished this category for this very reason, to make it easier to find the right BBs for your projects. There are smooth balls of various sizes - spacers, clamping balls, but also openwork balls, decorated with a typically decorative function. They will be used in earrings, necklaces and bracelets. How you use them depends on your creativity and needs. The jewelery balls that act as spacers can change the style of the bracelet from a simple sports bracelet to an elegant and sophisticated one. The role of spacers is not only to distance the beads, but to add character to the jewelry. The vast majority of them are made of metal, but there are also acrylic ones. Silver, gold, antique bronze and copper plated. We usually choose them to match the color of other jewelry elements, such as ties or clasps. They are suitable for threading on lines, strings, rubber bands for bracelets and wires. Some balls for bracelets are so nice that they can easily be in the lead role. They will look great without additional beads.