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Mounting wheels

Mounting wheels are one of the most desirable blanks. They are used to create bracelets, necklaces, earrings, chains and even rings. Mounting rings are necessary to add most pendants, clasps or chains to our jewelry projects. These are some of the basic products that a novice craftsman should buy when completing his workshop.

Chainmaille, or jewelry braided with circles

It is both new and old technology. Old because chainmail means medieval armor which was made of tiny metal links and protected knights. Today, the chainmaille technique uses the joining of circles in a similar way, but to make jewelry and accessories. Chainmaille wheels are usually of different sizes, which allows many shapes to be created. Round wheels work best, but chainmaille rings can also be slightly bent and link-like. Different colors of mounting rings can also be used, thanks to which chainmaille jewelry becomes more varied and it is easier to notice the intricacies of workmanship.

Types of mounting wheels on offer from manzuko

You will find mounting wheels in many versions. We offer "ordinary" cut circles in several sizes and colors. Thanks to this, you can perfectly match the diameter and thickness of the circle that will suit your artistic concept. In addition, a matte or glossy finish in gold, silver, platinum and other colors will make it possible to limit yourself only to you!

In addition, you will find spring wheels, also in different colors and sizes. The spring wheels additionally protect small elements and protect them against "escaping". They may be a bit more difficult to attach to jewelry, but it is much easier to put them on so that you do not have to worry about the wheel spreading, as in the case of classic mounting wheels, which may initially "not bend".

In this category, you will also find links for making jewelry that blend nicely with chain clasps, or can help to extend a short link. They are non-standard and require a bit more practice to bend them tightly and not to disturb their shape.

As for the materials, there are copper wheels made of a metal alloy, as well as wheels made of surgical steel. All our products are free of cadmium, nickel and lead, however, you decide what you want to make your jewelry from. We are only trying to provide you with a large selection at an affordable price and fantastic quality.

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