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Ceramic beads 18mm cream gold gloss 1pc CKU18K05DACeramic beads 18mm cream gold gloss 1pc CKU18K05DA

Ceramic beads 18mm cream gold gloss 1pc CKU18K05DA

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Sales unit: 1 pc.
Color: cream, golden shine
Diameter: 18.0 +/- 1 [mm]
Hole size: approx. 2.0 [mm]

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Ceramic beads in a beautiful cream color, an additional layer of glaze with a delicate gloss and the AB effect make a really good impression. The highest quality of glaze, high firing temperature and careful finish make ceramic beads our largest department in terms of both assortment and sales. the interest in ceramic beads has not waned, and has even been growing for some time. Why? Because it is a durable material, it does not chip, does not peel off, does not lose color. The slight differences in size are the result of handcrafting.


Zuzanna Koniarska
Mateusz Koniarski

Rzemieślnicza 29
77-300 Człuchów

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