Koraliki ceramiczne puste kule 28mm czerwone złoty połysk 1szt CKU28C02DA

Ceramic beads hollow balls 28mm red gold gloss 1pc CKU28C02DA

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Sales unit: 1 [pcs]
Material: ceramics
Diameter: 28 [mm] +/- 2mm
Hole diameter: 4 [mm]
Color: red ab

Ceramic beads 28mm, red with ab effect. Beads are made of a high-quality mixture of porcelain and ceramic clay, thanks to which they are durable. Hand-formed hollow beads, making them light, are ideal for necklaces. As we take care of the entire production process, from the purchase of materials, through execution and firing, these beads are the apple of our eye. Multiple firing guarantees durability and color quality.

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