Koraliki kule porcelanowe niebieskie ab 35mm 1szt CKU35N06DB

Porcelain beads blue ab 35mm 1pc CKU35N06DB

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Sales unit: 1 [pcs]
Material: ceramics, porcelain
Diameter: 35 [mm] +/- 3mm
Hole diameter: 5 [mm]
Color: blue ab

Ceramic beads, 35 mm blue balls with ab effect. Large 35 mm ceramic balls are made for people who want large, clear, but elegant jewelry. Beautifully shiny glazes, lightness despite the size and timelessness of ceramic beads are all the advantages thanks to which ceramics always has its supporters. It is a product that we care for during the entire production process. From the moment of designing the collection to the "exit from the oven". Depending on the effect, the beads are fired several times in furnaces at a temperature of 1000 to 1450 degrees Celsius. Glazes are selected in the composition so as to allow you to create your own designs in sensible color ranges. The beads are mostly made and glazed by hand, and in addition, each firing has its own characteristic features, so individual beads may slightly differ from each other in size and color.

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