Beads of felt and pompons

Beads of felt h3>

Felt is one of the oldest known to man textiles, may be older than the fabrics. The first traces of felt dates back to about 6500 years BC! To this day, it is the material used for making blankets, carpets and clothes. Its lightness and versatility meant that the lovers of handicrafts started using felt new, unprecedented projects. We would like to introduce our offer of felt balls. These products are hand made from organic materials and skin-friendly. P>

Felt is a perfect complement of jewelry created with natural stone or wood, but our absolute favorite is felt combined with ceramics. Felt balls weigh very little, which makes it easy to perform with them a massive piece of jewelry that will not be heavy and uncomfortable. This product is excellent for the production of jewelery, which is extremely well with the autumn and winter sweaters. Balls of felt can be used to create pendants, made homey pet toys or costume for a costume party for children. P>

Pom and pompons h3>

This is another Pom our proposal for a light and comfortable to hold jewel supplement. These soft and fluffy balls are extremely versatile. They are suitable for gluing, sewing, punching pins and the suspension. This variety of techniques makes it easy and fun to work with them, and methods of their use are endless. Jewelry with pompoms is another great addition to the autumn-winter styling. Pompons lightness even in large sizes can form large earring without undue burden ears. Additionally Pomponik may be a nice accent attached to a key ring or tab for the book. In summer you can "tweak" their Roman women by attaching straps to pomponików color. P>

The form and the possibility of using beads and pompoms felt in our opinion is very inspiring. These materials form the building blocks of great jewelry, clothing, key chains, shoes or other accessories. They can be created additives not only for itself but also for interior use. We hope that our rich offerings of many sizes and colors of the blanks will inspire you to create something extraordinary! P>


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