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Hematite is a mineral that has become a perfect decoration for various types of handmade jewelry some time ago. The stone has an extraordinary appearance, and it is attributed a number of healing and esoteric properties. Are you looking for the right way to decorate your jewelry? Check how to do it with this unique mineral.

In addition to the fact that hematite jewelry looks very elegant and luxurious, the stone also has a great value for collectors. Although it is quite popular, each individual hematite bead may differ in color depth and shape. What's more, the mineral is assigned a number of properties that have a real impact on improving our mental and physical condition. Choose hematite for the production of your jewelry and you will gain something more than just an original styling accessory.

Hematite - a stone with a bloody face

Hematite is a black-colored stone that is often referred to as a blood mineral. Its name itself is derived from Ancient Greek and simply means blood. It owes it to its structure and chemical composition. Due to the high iron content, the mineral turns red when powdered, which gives it a truly mystical character.

Hematite lived to see many legends and beliefs. It was once believed that it has an extremely positive effect on well-being and protects against all kinds of blood diseases. In ancient times, the stone was one of the basic medications for circulatory problems. It was considered one of the most valuable minerals, and its use for jewelery purposes was even prohibited. What's more, hematite was also a stone of warriors - it ensured them safety at the front, and wearing it was a real honor and distinction.

Bet on hematite - the beads will help in the treatment of everyday ailments

Hematite is primarily a stone that is recommended to anemics. Its presence promotes the absorption of iron and improves blood circulation in the body. What's more, women who have problems with menstruation more than once appreciated its power, which helped during "difficult days". Hematite also has a positive effect on the treatment of insomnia and helps to combat all kinds of rheumatic pains. Hematite beads are not only a beautiful decoration, but also a useful amulet every day.

Hematite beads in Manzuko are an opportunity to create unique designs and jewelry for years.

Why are hematite beads one of the best suggestions in our store? Firstly, because of its properties and unique appearance, but also because of its durability. The semi-finished products in our offer are extremely resistant to damage and retain their properties for many years. What's more, working with hematite is extremely pleasant and gives a lot of satisfaction.

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