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Lumos crystals

Lumos crystals - lead free production

Lumos crystals are specially selected crystal cabochons. The collection was created as a result of the search for beautifully sparkling crystals, while maintaining the environmental balance during production. Most of the crystals available on the market owes their luster to lead additives, and their production is far from being environmentally friendly. Lumos crystals are the perfect compromise between ecological production, friendly to people and the environment, and the quality that almost does not differ from top brands.

What will you find in this category?

Classic rivioli cabochons, rectangular cabochons, sewn-on cabochons and those that will be boldly fasteners in earrings, necklaces or bracelets.


Zuzanna Koniarska
Mateusz Koniarski

Rzemieślnicza 29
77-300 Człuchów

Bank account (PLN):
45 1160 2202 0000 0001 8232 6723
(Bank Millenium S.A.)

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