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Stainless steel blanks

Surgical steel blanks

Surgical steel is a material that has been gaining popularity for several years. Loved by our clients and customers for the fact that it is not reactive. This means that it is the best metal choice for people who suffer from allergies. This metal alloy is used in medicine, tattooing and piercing. It is worth having jewelry made of surgical steel for sale. It is the most frequently chosen material for gifted jewelry and will ensure that none of your customers will feel left out.

What surgical steel bases do we offer?

In our online store you will find a wide selection of various bases, for cabochons, made of stainless steel. Among them are bases for earrings, clips, pendants and cufflinks. In addition, we offer tie bar bases as well as the beloved conector bases and rivoli crystal bases. Surgical steel bases are an excellent material for jewelry with cabochons. Stainless steel does not change the comfort of working with the blank.

Advantages of surgical steel bases

Surgical steel bases look great with any type of cabochon. This silver metal alloy polished to a high gloss is a great choice for your jewelry. In addition, the surgical steel does not rub, tarnish and rust. This guarantees that your jewelery will look beautiful. Surgical steel bases work well with any type of glue, so nothing restricts your creativity. All our bases are made of 316 L alloy, which is exactly the same neutral metal used in medicine.

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