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Natural coral beads

It takes its name from corals - organisms inhabiting the seas of warm and hot zones. Contrary to some beliefs, coral is not a stone, but a skeleton of organic origin. These dead body parts are made of calcium carbonate and are up to 40 cm high and 6 cm thick.

In esoterics, it is believed that coral bestows modesty and wisdom on the wearer. It has a soothing effect and soothes the tendency to panic. It is believed to promote the development of intuition, concentration and imagination. Supporters of alternative medicine believe in a wide range of therapeutic effects. In theory, the coral strengthens the circulatory, skeletal and reproductive systems. Once powdered corals were mixed with water, and this concoction was used to treat throat diseases.

Coral in the pages of history

Jewelry made of red beads aroused admiration since ancient times. Some of the oldest finds related to this jewelry date back several dozen thousand years and were found in graves. Coral, by some people called the "flower of the sea", symbolized high social status. It testified to the prestigious position and wealth of its owner. In Poland, coral necklaces are an inseparable element of the regional Krakow costume, which was created at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. Coral was supposed to refer to rowan fruit and its natural properties.

Coral - a noble accessory for everyone

The most demanded is the noble coral with a vivid red color. Other types of precious coral are white, pink, or white with pink spots. Still other, extremely valuable in jewelry, beads are black or blue. Coral imitations are made of vegetable "ivory". It is a dyed mixture of rubber, plaster, porcelain, plastic and dyed bone. There are also so-called synthetic corals. Crushed and colored mechanically treated rubber is much more like the work of nature.

Coral is quite a sensitive raw material. It should not be exposed to acids, high temperature or hot water. Over time, jewelry made of coral may fade to restore its fresh appearance, we recommend soaking it in hydrogen peroxide.

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