Beads for Jewelry strong> is the basic equipment of every rękodzielniczki. They can serve as a decorative addition to the fancy design or a basis on which we base your project. In our offer you will find a wide selection of beads made of very different materials. We beads for jewelry for the supporters of ecology, nature and tradycji- or wood. Made from exotic wood or raw. Beads strong> with stones, cultured pearls, beads and shells. Glass and ceramic beads; hand-made to satisfy the need of almost every color. For seekers of exceptional specimens have unique strings of stones, coral and a single unique specimens. Special care we have for beads for bracelets, Appendix, without which for several seasons, no way to get around. They are not special, only can be arranged into collections, color, customize invoice, surface finish. Beads for bracelets strong> can be found in all sub-categories, do not forget about the metal additives, which will complete your projects. We want to warn, however, loyally, you enter a world from which it is difficult to leave. Time flows differently here than usual, it's easy to forget. Crystals and other eye-catching trinkets, page after page to reveal another amazing, beautiful, colorful wonders. Hundreds of colors multiplied by the number of a plurality of sizes and shapes giving exorbitant number of combinations. If you add to this kreatywność- easy to lose. Apparently buying beads and jewelery making are two different hobby. We understand that we have this treasure at hand. P>