Kulki do wklejania na bolec szkło akrylowe kulki 10mm róż indyjski 4szt XYAPKU16

Balls for sticking on the pin acrylic glass balls 10mm Indian pink 4pcs XYAPKU16

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Sales unit: 4 pcs.
Material: acrylic glass
Pink color
Dimensions: 9.8 [mm]
Hole diameter: approx. 1.1 [mm]

Balls made of acrylic glass with a diameter of 10 mm, in the color of Indian pink. Beautiful color and shine, very careful workmanship, quality, durability - the perfect material for sticks, screws. Cabochons are mounted on pins with a pin and a cup , thanks to which they gain stability and will be permanently attached to the pin. The balls can also be used as pendants for necklaces, earrings or bracelets. The balls should then be glued to the ties with the pin. You can also use a cap with an eyelet . Any jewelery glue can be used for gluing.

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