Bazy zakładek do książek pióro antyczne srebro 117x18x4mm 1szt AAZAK50

Bookmarks bases antique pen, silver 117x18x4mm, 1 pc AAZAK50

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Sales unit: 1 pc.
Material: jewelry metal alloy, cadmium, nickel and lead free
Dimensions: 117 x 18 x 4 [mm]
Color: antique silver

Very nicely made bookmarks databases. A practical gift for a book lover. After attaching a metal pendant, they will make the moments with the book pleasant. Bookmarks are an interesting proposition for everyone. Perfect for a gift, it can be used classically, i.e. for books, but also for planners, calendars and notebooks. Bookmarks can be finished with hand-made trinkets, metal hangers, glass, wooden or resin cabochons.

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