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Hematite chevron 200pcs (rope) rainbow green 3x2.5mm KAHE27Hematite chevron 200pcs (rope) rainbow green 3x2.5mm KAHE27

Hematite chevron 200pcs (rope) rainbow green 3x2.5mm KAHE27

€ 4.89 Gross

Sales unit: 200 pcs / string
Dimensions [mm]: 4 x 2
Hole size [mm]: 1
Material: Hematite
Color: rainbow, green


Hematite - beads for jewelry in the shape of arrows (chevrons) in a metallic, shimmering rainbow green color. Small beads, perfect for delicate bracelets, look beautiful "on the banner" of a 4 cm pin mounted on a chain as a connector for a short necklace, for a soutache, earrings in clusters - they will make a sensation everywhere. Regular polishing gives the original character and beautifully shines the light.

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