Łączniki filigran Splendide platynowane 20mm 2szt AKG505P

    Filigree Splendide fasteners 20mm platinum 2pcs AKG505P

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    Sales unit: 2 [pcs.]
    Material: jewelry metal alloy, nickel, lead and cadmium free, gold plated
    Dimensions: 20 x 0.4 [mm]
    Hole diameter: 0.9 [mm]
    Color: platinum

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    Coin connectors with laser cut filigree pattern 20 mm in diameter, platinum color. Fasteners for earrings, bracelets and delicate necklaces. Precisely made of a thin plate, laser cut. The metal alloy has been selected so that despite its delicate appearance, the plates are difficult to bend and deform. Because we really care about quality, all products under the "Splendide" brand are plated with a special technology ensuring durability and accuracy.