Zapięcia toggle elegant 22x17/27x8mm antyczne srebro SH207 1szt

    Clasps toggle elegant 22x17 / 27x8mm antique silver SH207 1pc

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    Sales unit: 1 pc.
    Color: antique silver
    Dimensions [mm]: Mesh - 22 x 1 x 3

    Dimensions [mm]: Staple - 27 x 8 x 3

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    Elegant toggle fasteners, one of your favorites. Comfortable to use, made of antiallergic metals. Toggle fasteners are an interesting element used to fasten bracelets or necklaces. Due to the wide range of shapes and finishes, toggle fasteners can be adapted to the nature of the jewelry they are to wear. Simple, ascetic clasps will be perfect for classic themes such as pearls, coral or semi-precious stones, or for minimalist jewelry. More decorative clasps fit the boho style, colorful, more massive compositions.