Kaboszony  z żywicy 14mm /Agateline / agat zielony 4szt KBAD1404

    Resin cabochons 14mm / Agateline / green agate 4 pcs KBAD1404

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    Sales unit: 4 [pcs.]
    Material: eco-friendly resin
    Dimensions: 14 x 4.5 [mm]
    Hole diameter: none [mm]
    Green color

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    Cabochons with a diameter of 14 mm, green agate. Cabochons from the "Agateline" series have irregular streaks and colors so matched that they resemble agates. They can be used to create soutache jewelry, pasted into frames for pendants and earrings, or glued to flat ties and sticks with a plate.