Rzemienie Sparkling / 6mm/ Pink Candy/ 1m RZGL08

    Sparkling / 6mm / Pink Candy / 1m RZGL08

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    Sales unit: 1 meter
    Material: glitter
    Hole diameter: 2 [mm]
    Color: luscious lavender iridescent pink

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    6mm brocade straps in Pink Candy color - iridescent lavender, juicy pink glitter accessories for bracelets. Sparkling glitter straps are a shimmering proposition for fans of the Wow effect. The straps are made of a silicone tube. The tube is covered with a thick layer of gum arabic glue and is covered with glitter freckles. As the glitter does not spread evenly, we get an amazing effect of reflecting light in many directions. The tube has the advantage that, in addition to treating it in a typical way, i.e. gluing it to the end, you can thread it on a string, thong or jewelry line. This solution makes it possible to compose bracelets from fragments of leather straps and spacers. The straps are eye-catching and it is impossible not to notice them.