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Inserted tips / gold / 13x4mm 10pcs ZAPW13KGInserted tips / gold / 13x4mm 10pcs ZAPW13KG

Inserted tips / gold / 13x4mm 10pcs ZAPW13KG

€ 0.57 Gross

Sales unit: 10 pcs.
Material: non-allergenic jewelry metal, does not contain nickel, lead or cadmium
Dimensions: 13 x 4 [mm]
Color: Gold


Gold insertion tips for beaded bracelets, on a loom and more. Width 13 mm. Round tips - slats with a slot for mounting flat, beaded bracelets, made on a loom or other techniques. They are mounted by inserting the bracelet with the first row of beads inside and blocking it with a stopper. Attach the carabiner to the tip prepared in this way and the regulatory chain on the other side.

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