Koraliki / kulki ceramiczne  w  proste kwiatki 12mm 1szt CKU12KWA11

    Ceramic beads / balls with simple flowers 12mm 1pc CKU12KWA11

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    Sales unit: 1 pc.
    Color: purple
    Diameter: 12 +/- 1 [mm]
    Hole size: approx. 2.6 [mm]

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    Ceramic beads 12 mm, white, decorated with simple graphic flowers in a purple color. The flowers are under the last layer of glaze to prevent scratching. Beads fired at high temperatures, durable, solidly made. Size 12mm perfect for bracelets and smaller earrings. The beads will look very nice in combination with other ceramic beads in the following colors: kiwi, turquoise, sea green.