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Lampwork glass

Hand-made jewelry can delight not only with the originality of the pattern, but also with the materials from which it was made. Manufacturers have been competing for some time in providing interesting solutions, and the use and combination of them depends only on your imagination. One of such proposals are glass beads, also known as lampwork. Check where they will work best and how to use them to create

Lampwork beads in their structure and patterns very much resemble extremely elegant and precious Venetian glass. They can only be made using human hands, so it is difficult to find two identical items to make personalized jewelry. Each of them is unique and can become a key element of the original design. Lampwork beads create a new history of jewelery and some time ago have become a symbol of creativity and extraordinary solutions that delight for years.

Beads for jewelry and unique decorations

Lampwork beads are considered exceptional primarily through their unique decorations. The artists who create them use a wide range of colors and base their projects on abstraction. Moreover, many beads and patterns are inspired by nature. The combination of glass and yellow will give us a joyful, sunny element of jewelry, green will give it a natural character, and the shades of blue and blue can remind us of holidays among the sea waves. Isn't this the perfect way to create your own private amulet that will lift your mood every day?

Why glass beads will allow us to create jewelry for years?

Lampwork beads are also highly resistant to destruction, which makes them look very elegant for many years. The glass used for their production is subjected to a series of tests and is toughened using appropriate methods. The beads retain their properties for years, and in addition, working with them is pleasant and does not cause excessive difficulties.

Glass beads for jewelry - what can we create with their help?

The possibilities of using lampwork beads are endless. First of all, glass beads for jewelry are perfect for bracelets. Their different sizes will allow you to create both delicate patterns as well as those slightly more impressive, with a luxurious character. Glass beads are also ideal for making necklaces, which over time become our favorite decorations and special amulets. In addition, it is also a proposal that will add splendor to earrings and rings - the choice is only yours!

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