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The color of gold

This category was created to make your life easier. You will find all the gold-colored blanks in it; gold pendants, jewelry tips, mounting rings, gold earwires and cabochon bases. There are many gold pendants here, both matte and shiny. There are matte and very shiny blanks, only gold or enamel, for the sake of providing you with everything your fantasy needs.

Gold-colored jewelry is becoming more and more fashionable from year to year. Regardless of whether we are talking about small multi-row necklaces or large cabochon rings - gold jewelry conquers fashion shows and our drawers. For your comfort, we present a category in which you will find absolutely all gold-plated and gold-colored semi-finished products that we can offer you.

The culture of wearing gold

Gold is a noble metal, thanks to which it is not subject to deterioration processes in both water and air, it does not dissolve in acids and other caustic compounds. For thousands of years, gold has been used in crafts and ornaments. Associated with power, wealth and high social position, gold enjoys great popularity to this day. It is one of the most valuable metals, but most spouses have it. However, not everyone can afford gold jewelry and here there are products that imitate gold and cost undeniably less. Thanks to this, everyone can buy gold elements for making jewelry and enjoy its effect at a low cost.

Fashion for gold

It is said that gold suits people of darker and warmer beauty, we believe that gold is the perfect accessory for everyone, regardless of skin color. It ennobles the style, whether it is everyday styling with a gold bracelet or richly decorated earrings with golden accents. It is associated with timeless elegance, but properly completed, it can bring to mind light summer collections from magazine covers, or winter and New Year's Eve evening projects. Regardless of tastes and style preferences, gold-colored jewelry can suit everyone, if properly created. Let yourself get to know our gold jewelry findings and discover your own way to make gold jewelry.

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