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Felt beads and pompoms

Felt beads

Felt is one of the oldest textiles known to man, probably older than fabrics. The first traces of felt date back to around 6500 BC! To this day, it is a material used to make blankets, carpets and clothes. Its lightness and versatility made handicraft enthusiasts use felt for new, unprecedented projects. We would like to present you our offer of felt balls. These are products made by hand from ecological and skin-friendly materials.

Felt is a perfect complement to jewelery made of natural stones or wood, but our absolute favorite is felt combined with ceramics. Felt balls weigh little, which makes them easy to make massive jewelry that will not be heavy and uncomfortable. This product is great for making jewelry that goes exceptionally well with autumn and winter sweaters. Felt balls can be used to create key rings, a homemade toy for animals, or a costume for a costume party for children.

Pompons and pompoms

Pompons are our next proposal for a light and pleasant to the touch jewelry accessory. These soft and fluffy balls are extremely versatile. They are suitable for sticking, sewing, pinning and hanging. The variety of techniques makes them easy and fun to work with, and the ways to use them are endless. Pompom jewelry is another great addition to your fall / winter outfits. The lightness of pompoms, even with large sizes, allows you to create large earrings without unnecessarily burdening the ears. In addition, the pompom can be a nice accent attached to a key ring or bookmark. In summer, you can "tweak" your Roman boots by attaching colorful pompoms to the thongs.

In our opinion, the form and possibilities of using felt balls and pompoms are extremely inspiring. These materials are great building blocks for jewelry, clothes, key rings, shoes or other accessories. You can use them to create accessories not only for yourself, but also for the interior. We hope that our rich offer including many sizes and colors of these semi-finished products will inspire you to create something extraordinary!

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