Stainless Steel (ang. Stainless Steel), also known as stainless steel or stainless nierdzewna- a certain group of stainless steels used primarily in the medical industry. In addition to being intended for medical purposes, it is also used in other areas where the skin is broken, e.g. in piercing and tattoo parlors, and in the case of long-term contact with the skin, such as in the case of implants and jewelery. Due to the growing popularity of the use of this material in the production of jewelery, the term jewelery steel is also used. Since 2000, the use of surgical steel in the jewelry industry has been steadily increasing, the elements for making jewelry made of it resemble silver, and in addition are harder and therefore more resistant to scratching. Stainless steel jewelry that comes into contact with chlorinated water or perfumes (which may have a negative effect on its properties) requires only washing with soap and water, rinsing and wiping dry.