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Made of surgical steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel sometimes referred to as surgical steel, is the collective name for the alloys most commonly used in the medical industry. Thanks to its low bioactivity and significant resistance to high temperatures and humidity it is an excellent substance for creating items for medical use (from tools to implants), as well as equipment used in tattoo and piercing parlors.


No wonder that over the last 20 years the use of this alloy in accessories has been constantly growing. Accessories made of stainless steel look like precious metals, and are also harder and more durable. Steel jewelry is less prone to scratching, does not cover with patina, does not blacken and does not cause allergies, which is its advantage over accessories made of silver.

Coated surgical steel

Many of our surgical steel products are gold or rose gold in color. Some of these products are coated with real gold, then in their description there is an inscription - gold-plated. Other semi-finished products are coated with non-allergenic metallic alloys.


All jewelry findings are plated using the ion plating technique. This process provides a durable coating on the jewelry that perfectly covers the entire blank. While testing the plated steel products by the employees of our company, we were shocked by the quality of their workmanship. The color of the gold chain did not change even after several days of vacation, numerous contact with sweat, cosmetics and salt water. Therefore, we can proudly recommend them to our clients, knowing that they are worth the price.

Care of plated semi-finished products made of surgical steel

However, it is worth remembering that when using gold-plated, silver-plated and any other plated products, you should follow the proper care rules to enjoy the beauty of jewelry as long as possible. These are universal rules that you can follow regardless of where the coated jewelry comes from.


We recommend avoiding bathing in such jewelry, especially in salt or chlorinated water. We also recommend taking off such accessories at night, as well as during training and doing household chores. In the event of contamination or contact of jewelry with perfumes, household chemicals or chlorinated water, it is worth rinsing the jewelry, washing it with a delicate detergent and wiping it dry. You can repeat exactly the same process with non-plated steel accessories.

Our stainless steel jewelry findings

In our store you will find hundreds of products made of this wonderful alloy. Among them are pendants and connectors, which we constantly supplement with new designs. What's more, there will also be chains that all manzuko workers love. Of course earwires, studs and bases, which are often the basis of jewelry are also here. All this is complemented by basic jewelry elements such as wires, tips and steel fasteners.


Stainless steel products in our store are mostly made of 316 L alloy, which is the most popular variety. It is worth mentioning, however, that a large part of steel semi-finished products is made of alloy 304, which is characterized by a lower nickel content and a higher chromium content compared to 316 L steel. Additionally, 316 L steel contains molybdenum, thanks to which products made of it are more resistant to salt and chlorinated water.

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