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Venetian glass

Venetian glass is a type of art glass that comes from the Italian city of Venice. The origins of the production of this multi-colored glass date back to the 13th century, when Venetian craftsmen mastered the art of coloring glass while maintaining its transparency. Fortunately, circumstances coincided with the development of this glass technology. First, the glass-smelting traditions in Venice date back to the 8th century, the second was the influx of Byzantine craftsmen who fled the fallen Constantinople. Together with the Venetians, they developed many decorative techniques. They used Venetian glass to create figurines, dishes and chandeliers. Jewelery made of Venetian glass, which could take almost any shape, was extremely popular.

The Venetian authorities guarded the art of producing this unique glass very much, but despite all efforts, it was not possible to prevent the spread of these skills and today Venetian glass is produced all over the world. Another thing is Murano glass. It is an island to which all glaziers were transferred at the end of the 13th century for fear of floods in Venice. They lived there prosperously, were respected and were granted many privileges, which was unusual for a craftsman in those days. The only condition was a categorical ban on leaving the territory of the republic of St. Mark.

Improving techniques in a closed environment resulted in the Murano glaziers having a monopoly on the production of colored glass. The technologies that they patented are the production of crystal glass, milk glass, enamel glass, glass with gold streaks called aventurine and colored glass called millefiori, which today are classified as lampwork techniques. To this day, Murano Venetian glass is created, which is marked with a special certificate of authenticity. Interestingly, the sand of the desert and the night of Cairo are also included in Venetian glass - materials that are often considered decorative stones.

Venetian glass jewelry is popular to this day, although today the process of its production is often, though partially automated. Our offer includes a wealth of shapes, colors and techniques used to produce the highest quality semi-finished products. Our Venetian glass beads are suitable for creating jewelery for people of all ages and with almost every taste. Ornaments made of this glass look extremely beautiful on monochrome clothes, they match any type of beauty and any complexion.

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