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Rose gold

Rose gold has been a hit of recent years, especially in jewelry and all kinds of accessories. Jewelery rose gold is obtained by adding copper to pure gold. This makes the fineness of the jewelery slightly lower, but the material becomes more susceptible to jewelery processing and additionally acquires a new, beautiful color. In response to your needs, we present a category where you will find all the rose gold blanks that manzuko has to offer. Not all elements will be made of metal, but all of them will be rose gold.

Rose gold or rose gold?

Rose gold jewelry ("rose gold" means rose gold) is very feminine, delicate, subtle. It is a perfect accessory for people who prefer jewelry in cooler tones and gold in its natural, warmer shade does not suit them. In addition, the cool shade of pink makes it possible to combine it with a light silver color without fear that these shades will "clash". Jewelry in rose gold colors is the perfect gift idea for young girls and mature women. It is incredibly versatile and suitable for any occasion and season. Delicate pendants can be worn all year round, without fear that they will be out of fashion.

Gold in each edition is becoming more and more popular, so we are looking for new, creative ways to create jewelry that will delight our customers with an unprecedented idea. New shades of gold, mixing and replacing them is a good idea not to introduce boredom into your studio.

Manzuko presents rose gold

This category is dominated by rose gold, there are pendants, straps, beads and spacers. We make sure that it is easy for you to find the basic elements for making jewelry, therefore in the rose gold category you will also find earwires, more than one clasp and chains. In addition, the Spendide collection is very popular, these are gold-plated pendants and rose gold connectors. They are of excellent workmanship and design, and light so that you can barely feel them against your skin. They are perfect as the main element of a delicate necklace or bracelet with a rose gold motif.

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