Wood resin - beads

In 2017, the combination of wood resin began to conquer the world of jewelry and design. This unusual combination of materials is a modern trend that delights the crowds are still developing and it looks like that will stay with us for longer. On the internet you will find many exciting recordings of how the resin beads to make yourself wood or furniture. If you do not want to stock up on extra blanks and tools, or you lack the patience to work with resin - we have something special for you. With koralikom that you will find in this category alone easily execute the most fashionable necklaces or bracelets. P>

Great looks are not the only advantage of the duo resin + wood. Both materials are relatively light, so jewelry made of them, even this impressive size, it is not hard and well to wear. In addition, these materials do not cause allergy and are ecological. In our offer you will find beads of wood species such as walnut or ash in conjunction with the resin dyed in various colors. There are beads of resin transparent and opaque, glossy and matte. Both parts are polished beads from the outside. The wooden part is additionally covered with wax to give it a flash and protected against water. Beads of wood resin can be used as beads for bracelets, but they are interesting enough that even a single piece suspended from a chain or thong will be an eye-catching addition. In some of the beads, wooden items were not corrected before the flooding resin. This creates a visually remarkable impression and enhances the effect of natural origin beads. P>