Pendants with resin

Resin jewelry is still a development topic. Every season, there are completely new offers of resin blanks. More and more interest in this material prompted us to introduce a new line of hangers. These are various pendants filled with resin. They have golden frames, antiallergic finish and beautifully made filling. Resin gives many possibilities, so the pendants you can find here have various effects. The interior of some is glittery, pearl or a mermaid's tail. Others imitate multi-colored flashes of shells or opal. The others are filled with tortoiseshell or stone-like material. Resin pendants are lightweight and can be used to create any type of jewelry. You will probably love the pendants as much as we do and they will become a permanent part of your collections. Earrings with these pendants will surely make an impression, studs with a mounting circle or earwires are enough and the effect is guaranteed. Nevertheless, a single pendant on a delicate chain will look beautiful.