Sun Stone

The Sun Stone is the name for the mineral, which is awenturynowy feldspar. As the name suggests is a type of feldspar, which presents the characteristics of awenturyzacji- is a twinkling light effect reminiscent of sparks. Sun stone effect owes sight wrostkom other minerals. Flickering frequently provides him with hematite, goethite, lepidocrocite, muscovite biotite or sericite. Stone sunny occurs in many colors, the most common stones are in shades of red, yellow and caramel. Rarer to meet the sun stone in shades of brown, gray, pink and even green. P>

Sun Stone - a unique feldspar h3>

Feldspar awenturynowy owes its name to the similarity aventurine. Sun stone is called by its warm colors and beautiful glow reminiscent of the sun's rays. Feldspars are commonly occurring minerals in the earth's crust, is the variety belongs, however, to a group of rare minerals Bardo. You can find it in Polish Sudety, in larger concentrations in the vicinity of Lake Baikal in Russia, India, Norway, Kenya and the USA. P>

Stone sun - use h3>

Sun stone is used only as an ornament. It is used in sculpture, as an element of architectural design or to create jewelry. His remarkable brilliance makes jewelry made of it seems to be very intricate. The soft colors of stone sunlight give excellent incorporation of it in the jewelry sets. It looks great combined with elements of copper and the gold-colored. P>