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Sun Stone

Sunstone is the name for the mineral that is aventurine feldspar. As the name suggests, it is a type of feldspar that exhibits the features of aventurization - it is a flickering light effect similar to sparks. Sun stone owes this effect to invisible inclusions of other minerals. Fibrillation is most often provided by hematite, goethite, lepidocrokite, muscovite, sericite or biotite. Sunstone comes in many colors, the most common are stones in shades of red, yellow and caramel. It is less common to find sun stone in shades of brown, gray, pink and even green.

Sun Stone - a unique feldspar

Aventurine feldspar owes its name to its similarity to aventurine. A sunstone is called by its warm colors and a beautiful glow reminiscent of the sun's rays. Feldspar are minerals common in the earth's crust, but this variety belongs to the group of very rare minerals. It can be found in the Polish Sudetes, and it occurs in greater quantities near Lake Baikal in Russia, India, Norway, Kenya and the USA.

Sun stone - application

The sun stone is only used as an ornament. It is used in sculpture, as an element of architectural decoration or for creating jewelry. Its unusual shine makes the jewelry made of it seem very elaborate. The delicate colors of the sun stone allow it to be perfectly integrated into jewelry sets. It looks great in combination with copper and gold-colored elements.

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