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Amethyst is a violet-colored mineral that most of us know very well. This stone is a type of milk quartz. The name amethyst comes from Greek and means "sober". According to Greek superstitions, drinking wine from an amethyst cup prevented the drinker from getting drunk.

Properties of amethyst

Amethyst owes its violet color to radioactive radiation and the presence of iron. When heated to 250 degrees Celsius, the mineral becomes colorless. When we raise its temperature above 500 ° C (not exceeding 600 ° C) it will take on a yellowish hue. Yellow amethysts are called lemons. Amethyst mainly forms crystals with a columnar cross section. It is most often found in the form of crystalline brushes in rock voids (drusen, geodes). Streaking, also known as branding, is characteristic of amethyst. Streaking is the arrangement of mineral layers of different color intensity.

The occurrence of amethysts

Amethysts are most often found in the gas void of basalt rocks, i.e. the so-called geodes. Amethyst geodes can reach sizes of more than cubic meters. The main places of occurrence of amethysts are Brazil, Uruguay, Iran, USA, Russia, Germany, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. In Poland, they are found in the vicinity of Szklarska Poręba, Lwówek Śląski, Kamienna Góra and Krzeszowice.

Amethyst products

Amethyst jewelry was made in the Middle Ages. As an amulet, it was supposed to bring good luck in all spheres of life. Ametite is mentioned in the Bible. In his time, he was very much appreciated by church dignitaries who wore amethyst rings and crosses decorated with amethysts. For centuries, also known in Poland, often visited the jewels of rulers.

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