is a precious grenades from the group of silicates. It is characterized by red, bloody color. Grenades minerals called heterogeneous chemical composition. The name comes from the Latin grenade and is derived from the similarity of the crystal particles pomegranate. P>

grenade types h3>

pomegranate divided into the following groups according to their chemical composition: p>

  • aluminum - pirop, Grossular, Hessonite, spessartine, almandine, rhodolite li>
  • iron - ANDRADITE, Demantoid, majoryt, calderyt li>
  • chrome - uvarovite, knorringit, henleit li>
  • Vanadium - goldmanit li>
  • zirconium - kimzeyit li>
  • magnesium, iron and manganese - piralspit li>
  • calcium - ugrandyt li> Ul>

    Pomegranate - Properties h3>

    Pomegranate can demonstrate chatoyancy and asterism (resulting in streaks of light shining star effect). Some of them may also change color depending on the lighting. P>

    According to the esoteric encourage grenades, so they are especially recommended for people who find it difficult to make changes in your life with fear of the unknown. Energy pomegranate to help overcome the fear of the unknown and shyness. Wearing garnet jewelry are seeing only the good things. Pomegranate helps overcome concerns related to the face of challenges and helps dreams come true / p>

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