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Apatite is a common phosphate mineral that appears in all types of rocks. Its name comes from the Greek word "apat" means "cheating". Apatite owes its unflattering name to the fact that it is often confused with other minerals.

Apatite- colors and types

The apatites are usually cloudy and slightly translucent, rarely colorless and transparent. They come in blue, green, yellow, brown and gray. The first two colors are most often chosen for jewelry making.

Blue apatite can be dark or light in color, sometimes both colors can be found in the same crystal. Blue apatite is considered a stone that gives ambition, motivation and courage.

Green apatite comes in shades of green, yellow-green or sea-green. The light green variety of apatite is sometimes called "asparagus apatite". It is supposed to help with apathy and a negative attitude.

Yellow apatite, golden apatite vary in color from pale yellow-green to deep golden-yellow. Yellow apatites are supposed to foster self-confidence and courage, and help students and students learn.

Due to the admixture of various elements, there are, for example, hydroxyl apatite, manganese apatite, fluoroapatite, and chloroapatite.

Apatite - meaning and use

Apatite is nature's richest phosphorus carrier. The bones and teeth of most animals are made of calcium phosphate, which is the same as apatite. This mineral is irreplaceable in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and is of great importance for the production of fertilizers. The most beautiful examples of apatite are used to make jewelry.

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