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Its name comes from the Latin "fluere" - "to flow", thanks to its ability to lower the melting point of many minerals. The name of the element fluorine is derived from the name of the stone, as well as the phenomena of fluorescence. Of course, this means that fluorspar fluoresces when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. In its completely pure form it is colorless, but in nature, due to the admixture of various elements, it shows a richness of colors. You can find yellow, pink, blue, green and even black fluorites. The most popular fluorites are purple.

Properties of fluorite

Esotericists call this mineral the stone of geniuses. They attribute to him the ability to support the mind, to understand things that seem impossible to understand according to the laws of logic. The ordered spatial structure of fluorspar can be transferred to your spiritual life, you can bring harmony and order into it. Fans of alternative medicine see this mineral not only as a beneficial effect on the nervous system. They believe that wearing fluorspar improves the health of the heart, hair, and skin, and protects against dental and gum disease.

Historical view

These minerals were popular in ornamentation as early as antiquity. The ubiquity of fluorspar popularized its use in the Mediterranean basin, among the Celts, as well as in China and America. It was used to make vases, sculptures, urns and jewelry. The Celts and Indians used it to prevent and treat skeletal diseases. The oldest mention is the record of the Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder, who described fluorite as the most valuable gem on Earth. This was due to the belief that this mineral, apart from decorative properties, also has healing and magical abilities.

A mineral that is difficult to work with

Making fluorite beads is not difficult. Hence, it is not so difficult to find a bracelet or necklace made of this mineral. However, rings with fluorite are rare and, as a rule, unique specimens are mounted, this is due to the considerable fragility of the mineral. Its Mohs hardness is only 4.

In addition to its obvious use in jewelry and other crafts, this mineral is widely used in industry. It is most often used in the glass, chemical, optical and metallurgical industries. It is also highly valued in collectors' circles.

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