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Olivine seems to be a stone that favors almost every area of life. It is believed to bring spiritual relief, help understand our purpose in life, and reduce stress levels. In addition, it helps to attract money, which in combination with lemon, which helps to maintain wealth, seems to be a recipe for increasing wealth. As for its health applications, it protects the respiratory system against infections and supports digestion.

One of the rare but valued variety of olivine is peridot. The name of peridot is most likely derived from the French "peritot", which means unclean, due to the admixture of other minerals in the stone.

The history of Olivine in a nutshell

The oldest archaeological discovery about this mineral dates back to the 2nd millennium BC and it is a jewel from the island of St. John embedded in Egyptian jewelry. Ancient and even Medieval medics believed that drinking health drinks from peridot vessels would enhance the effects of their medicaments. Peridot can also be found in Hawaiian mythology, where this mineral is considered to be the tears of Pele - the goddess of volcanoes. Interestingly, this mineral is often mined from igneous rocks.

We can see the beautiful colors of olivine and perodite in jewelery for centuries. They are especially tempting for emerald lovers who do not have a lot of money - they look alike and cost much less. According to some historians, Cleopatra's emerald collection was actually made of this more noble version of olivine.

Olivine- a cosmic stone

Interestingly, this olive-green mineral is found in meteorites and space dust samples from the Stardust probe. Some cosmic olivines have been cut and used to make jewelry.

Jewelry made of these stones looks very noble. In addition, shades of green often complement most skin complexions.

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