peridot stone seems that favors almost every field of life. It is believed that brings spiritual relief, it helps to understand the purpose of our life and reduces stress levels. It helps to attract money, what a duet with citrine, which facilitates the maintenance of wealth, seems to be a recipe for multiplying wealth. As for his health application that protects against respiratory infections and aids digestion. P>

One of the rare but highly valued variety is olivine peridot. Perydotu name probably derives from the French "peritot" which means unclean, in connection with an admixture of other minerals in the stone. P>

History of olivine in a nutshell h3>

The oldest archaeological discovery on this mineral comes from the second millennium BC and they are collected from the island of St. John embedded in Egyptian jewelry. The ancient, and even Medieval physicians believed that drinking health drinks made from the blood of perydotu strengthen the operation of their medicines. With Peridot can also be found in Hawaiian mythology, where the mineral is considered to be the tears Pele- goddess of volcanoes. Interestingly, this mineral are often mined from igneous rocks. P>

The beautiful colors of olivine and perodytu centuries we see in jewelery products. They are particularly emeralds tempting for lovers who do not have many pieniędzy- look like and cost much less. According to some historians, emerald collection Cleopatra in fact it has been created with this more noble version of olivine. P>

Oliwin- stone space h3>

Interestingly, the olive-green mineral is found in meteorites and cosmic dust sample or probe Stardust. Some extraterrestrial olivine been grinded and used to make jewelery. P>

Jewelry made of these stones looks very noble. Moreover, shades of green often compliment most skin complexion. P>