Lapis Lazuli

Otherwise known as lapis lazuli. Its name comes from Arabic and Persian, is a blue stone. The best known and are desired lapis lazuli on a deep blue color, it can also be met in the green and purple shades of blue. P>

It is believed that the stone promotes hair growth, relieve nerve pain and menstrual discomfort. In esoteric recommended to sleep with this stone, to recall the prophetic dreams. It also helps to achieve emotional healing and spiritual development. P>

lapis lazuli in history h3>

The first traces of the extraction lapis lazuli dates back 6000 years ago, in the present Afghanistan. In Ancient Egypt, the mineral used to combat fever and cholera. He had also applied arts. He served for the manufacture of jewelry, sculptures (most of Maat), ornamental vessels, and the powder was a perfect blue pigment. Officials used the lapis to produce their seal. One of the most interesting findings is called. "Standard of Ur", a harp made of lapis lazuli, found in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Tribes Roman lapis lazuli reinforce the strength of the legs and arms, and used it as a cure for lowered libido. Marco Polo in 1271. First described the lapis lazuli mines. But the real surprise was the formation, in 1970, a synthetic stone. It is similar to the natural deep color original. Synthetic but of inferior quality, it is more porous and less dense. Artificial stone can be recognized by a regular array of pyrite inclusions. P>

Lapis lazuli beautiful, but delicate h3>

lapis lazuli stone is highly valued because of their collectible value and jewelery. Be careful with this mineral. It is quite sensitive and can be damaged by the pressure of temperature, acids or soaps. Rings and bracelets made of this mineral can pull off the performance of household chores. P>

You can often find fake Cauterization with silver nitrate, these are often colored jasper, which do not contain pyrite inclusions. You can also come across the glass interspersed with copper. Any imitation can be identified under UV light, but it will be under lazurite shines. P>


The working of the stone should be remembered that its hardness is only 5.5 on the Mohs scale, which could hinder its processing. Lapis lazuli color improvement is possible to obtain a greater depth when heated, or staining, of course. P>