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Mannequins and jewelry displays

Mannequins and jewelry displays

Most of us enjoy jewelry. Regardless of whether you love small and minimalist accessories, or time-consuming soutache earrings and large necklaces, your eyes simply enjoy the sight of it. We want your jewelry to look beautiful while wearing it, but we do not forget about its beautiful appearance when you are not wearing it.

Display units for the storage of jewelry

Jewelry should be stored in the right way to enjoy its perfect appearance for a long time. Of course, you don't want to keep countless mannequins in your home, but it is worth investing in jewelry boxes or hangers. Jewelry boxes are mainly associated with giving and receiving sparkles. But that's not all, they allow you to safely store your earrings or rings. Thanks to the boxes, we do not expose them to mechanical damage or high humidity in the room.

Jewelry hangers are suitable for storing everything from dangling earrings to rings to bracelets and necklaces. They are often a decorative element of a woman's bedroom or wardrobe. They facilitate the storage of chains, avoiding their tangling, which reduces the risk of their breaks, scratches and matting.

Displaying jewelry

If you are a handicraft dealer, you probably spend more time finding the right ways to present your art. Mannequins and jewelry displays will help. Of course, boxes and hangers can also be useful in creating your exhibition. Jewelry mannequins are the most common form of jewelry display. Resembling a human figure, they make it easier for the customer to visualize what the product will look like on them, which can encourage or discourage a potential buyer. Therefore, it is worth choosing a mannequin that will match your jewelry.

Jewelery displays come in many forms. They enable the presentation of many pieces of jewelry while maintaining its shape. Additionally, the displays can be very useful in the transport of jewelery, properly secured will allow you to transport your products without the risk of damage and change of form.

Regardless of whether you sell jewelry or simply have a quite large collection, remember that its storage and care are as important as making it from high-quality products. At manzuko, we try to take into account every aspect of the production, sale and use of jewelry so that you can enjoy it as long as possible.

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