beads Katsuki

Katsuki beads span> h3>

How did They come from? span> h4>

Beads Katsuki a novelty on the Polish market. Katsuki is made of modeling clay beads rings of Japanese origin. They fit perfectly into the avant-garde and cukierkowego Harajuku style. Pretty soon they became popular outside of Japan and conquered the Western social media. Often they are arranged in jewelry-like sweets, so you can easily make them extremely charming images that are very popular in today's world. Span> p>

What are Katsuki beads? span> h4>

This beads in the form of small pellets. They resemble miniature candy-coated tablets with watches that everyone remembers from childhood or a little thicker sequins. They are made of a polymer-like soft polymer clay. However, from modeling they vary considerably its surface, for beads Katsuki are downright ridiculous pleasant to the touch. With this jewelery created from them it is not only beautiful, but also very pleasant to the skin. Span> p>

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Beads Katsuki we offer in all colors of the rainbow. On our website you will find them both in the form of color mixtures and individual colors. We also sell beads with different color saturation. You will find a vibrant, happy colors and pastel, subtle suggestions. Span> p>

How to use Katsuki beads? span> h4>

The compound with a diverse range of these beads are used in a variety of styles of jewelry. You can draw inspiration from both Japanese Harajuku and boho style. In perfect harmony with all the colors of metal, glass beads and shells. Their versatility makes them ideal for the creation of jewelry for every age group, from children to the elderly. Span> p>


In addition, beads Katsuki combine well with both strings and steel cable, jewelery or a rubber band. It is a kind of blank-friendly for beginners and advanced artisans. They combine well with hangers, dividers, so that their possibilities are almost endless! Span> p>