Resin frames

Resin is a material that has been known for a long time and has experienced a renaissance in recent years. Lots of amazing techniques have been invented that allow you to create captivating jewelry using resin. Flowers immersed in resin, framed with a frame, look particularly beautiful, as well as colorful resin reminiscent of photos of space and aurorae. The frame pendant allows you to create jewelry that impresses with its geometric shape and beautiful interior.

Use of resin frames

The frames fit perfectly into many different trends. Among them there is, among others, fashion for minimalist jewelry, as well as for the boho style. The frames can even be used in projects that do not involve the use of resin. They work well as a delicate addition. However, the primary use of these blanks is as a base for the resin. The high frame allows you to embed even large elements such as small shells or larger flowers.

Resin frames on offer from manzuko

The frames are made of a metal alloy with non-allergenic properties. You will not find cadmium, nickel or chromium in our products. The frames we offer are available in gold, silver and platinum. We also sell resin fixtures in two finishes, matte and glossy. Additionally, you can buy frames of various shapes, from squares to hearts to circles. Thanks to them, you can create unique necklaces, bracelets, earrings and key rings perfectly in line with your concept.