Oval mounts for 22x29 mm cabochons

This category was created to make shopping in our store even easier and more enjoyable. We know that especially novice craftsmen may find it difficult to choose the right cabochon for the binding. Some dimensions can be a bit confusing. Therefore, this category is dedicated to luminaires ideally suited to 22 × 29 cm cabochons.

How to use these fixtures?

The first application is to combine them with dedicated glass cabochons. You can find them easily by entering the code KBSZ2229 in our search engine. The precise alignment of the frame and glass allows you to create beautiful jewelry without the frustration of too large or minimally smaller cabochons. In addition, our fixtures are perfect as a base for resin, silicone, wood or modeling clay. These fixtures are most often used to create pendants, however, they can be used, for example, to create original key rings. They look good when combined with a classic and ball chain, as well as with suede or leather straps and ribbons.

Luminaires 22x29 mm on offer from manzuko

The huge interest in our cabochon bases prompts us to constantly expand this category. We care about your satisfaction and enabling you to purchase semi-finished products perfectly suited to your needs. Our oval cabochon bases are available in several color variants such as gold, silver, platinum and antique bronze. Naturally, for each of them, you will find corresponding semi-finished products such as chains, clasps and strap catchers.

Our fittings are made of high-quality metal alloys. For the sake of allergy sufferers, these bases are free of nickel, cadmium or chromium admixtures. They are not only beautiful, but also durable. To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer these luminaires with various decorations on the sides and reverse. Thanks to this, you can effortlessly create wonderful and successful jewelry.