Nylon cord

What exactly is nylon?

Nylon is a polymer developed in the first decade of the 20th century in the United States. Initially, toothbrushes and stockings were made of it. Only later they began to be used in many industries. These synthetic fibers are widely used because of their very high tensile strength and easy dyeing. Due to these properties, the nylon string is a semi-finished product with durable colors. What's more, it is slightly flexible, which makes it somewhat "forgiving" for errors in measurements. It is a hot-melt material, making it easy to protect your design by burning the end of the string with a lighter.

How to use a nylon cord

Nylon is a good drawstring material for macrame bracelets. It can be a problem for novice craftsmen due to its slipperiness. So remember to tie each knot well. It is flabby, which makes it easy to intertwine between the fingers. The nylon cord is also suitable for shamballa bracelets. It gives them an interesting structure and a delicate shine. We primarily associate the nylon string with weaving techniques, but often its small diameter allows it to be easily combined with pendants and beads.

Nylon cords on offer from manzuko.com

You will find nylon strings in our offer in many beautiful, saturated colors. Thanks to the properties of nylon, their color will be so vivid for a very long time. We sell this twine on spools, so you can be sure that you will not get tangled during use. We offer two sizes of nylon cords: 0.8mm and 1mm, which are suitable for both delicate projects and larger works. Nylon strings are durable, which makes them suitable for the use of beads and other semi-finished products, without the risk of quickly rubbing the string.